Freehand ink (Monster Art)

Art work by Robin Love

Free hand ink art

Free hand ink art

Free hand ink art

Free hand ink art

Free hand ink art

Art works from (2003-2005)


Vector art

Simone’ Cassidy vector art

Vector art by Robin Love

Urban vector art


Vector design created with free 141 vector pack

Vector design

Urban vector art

Open source vector packs allow you to create your own unique urban vector art works.

Humour in design

Nintendo wii


(Theme: Games)

I’ve always been obsessed with 8bit “TV games” like those from the ’80s and ’90s (Mario Bros, Mappy, balloon fight, Pacman, Ice climber) for me it brings back a real sense of nostalgia.

Welcome to Kungfu Octopus

Graphic design

Robin Zoe Love

Graphic Design Blog

Greetings to all, this is my newly created graphic design blog. View all you want, and seize what you can, yes it’s a pirate’s life for me, and I believe in sharing one’s treasures.

Featured in this blog you will find, several forms of digital/meta/and vector art, as well as some animations/applications designed and created in MX flash.

Something you will not be seeing much of in this blog  is “text” posts, the focus is mainly on the design content itself and I’d prefer the art to speak on my behalf.