Commercial advertising

Banners custom made to promote groups and events on the internet or popular social network sites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace.Facebook group banner


Textile print and T-shirt design


T-shirt print design by 141.

T-shirt print design retail

T-shirt print design for beastit boxers 2006.

Web design

Colourful designs attract attention and make a bold statement, the designs featured below on make good use of bright expressive colours to attract potential customers.  My prepaid Airtime is a supplier of prepaid airtime to resellers, businesses and individuals.

Prepaid Airtime

Another good example of bright, clean colour use is

Airtime website, Prepaid Airtime

Familywatch login area.  (below)

Insert field Web template


This particular website below was developed, designed and produced under 72 hours, basic html script, with MX flash woven into the site, for smooth visuals.

Offical 141 Graphic website.


funkme, Dubstep, Electronic music

Dubstep, Drum n Bass, electronic music

Character design

Pacman ghost

Vector of the Pacman ghost 8bit (Colour).


Vector of the Pacman ghost 8bit (Plain).

8bit invader

8bit invader.

Cactus animation

The mole cartoon character

The mole.

Character design, Robin Love

Character mascot design for a popular cell phone – wallpaper/mp3 retail download site. (As seen on TV)

Custom desktop icons

Icons for use with popular shortcut launch applications like: Object Dock, Rocket Dock and YZ Dock.

Icon details: format PNG, icon size 512 x 512 pixels

RSS news feed custom icon

Custom Windows media player icon

Facebook icon

Gmail icon

Nero wave editor icon

Quicktime icon

Skype icon

Windows live mesanger icon

:: Below :: Custom Google Talk icon.

Google talk custom icon design

G-talk icon launch bar

Google talk – custom icon design for launch bars.

Bluetooth custom icon set

Click on the links below to download the relevant free custom icons.

Bluetooth icon power off – View

Bluetooth icon power on – View

Bluetooth icon round – View

Aphid folders by 141

Custom desktop folders

Above are three custom icons created for use with popular launch bars like (object-dock/rocket-dock/YZ dock)black & red media folder and the two Winamp thunder bolts.

Download Stardock free – Click here

Download Rocket Dock free – Click here

Website elements

:: Below ::

Custom made “Join us on Facebook” buttons, insert these icons on your website or blog to promote your business, groups and pages on Facebook.

Download join us button (Black) Click here

Download join us button (Blue) Click here

Join us button Facebook

Logout button, Login button, web button

Drop down boxes (below)

Drop down box

Up buttons, Shiny buttons

press me buttons

Shiny smartie style buttons (below)

Server graphical user interface buttons, Shiny buttons, Web buttons

Website buttons

Download button

File icon

Website buttons

Game pad buttons

Stock buttons

141 keyboard

Website elements (buttons/icons)

Logo design

5fm phuza Thursday concept logo

Sherman logo, DJ logo

Peppertel logo

Silvertree Properties logo design

Corporate ID and Logo design for Silvertree properties

Silvertree concept logo

Math Genius logo

Funk me Logo design

Hardwired PC logo

Logo design

Yes there are certain fundamentals one should keep in mind, when designing (relation of negative/positive space/focus placement/layout) but in art & design there truly are no rules or boundaries one must follow, art is about the freedom to express visually how you feel emotionally, and your work is a reflection of your inner self as well as your taste.

Top: Phuza Thursday logo – for 5fm’s Phuza Thursday design competition, concept of “binge drinking Thursday’s” (Non winner)