3D product design

Products designed in 3D, representing accurate volume and area, giving the user/client an idea of the look and feel of the final result. Images below are enclosure designs for a Audio Pipe TXX-AP15B15″ subwoofer, designed in Google Sketchup 7.

Google Sketchup 7 design

Google Sketchup 7 design

Google Sketchup 7 design

Google Sketchup 7 design

Google Sketchup 7 design

:: Technical details ::

Enclosure measurements: (W x D x H) 430mm x 280mm x 430mm

Sub woofer safe mounting depth: 270 mm

Enclosure type: PVC ported bass reflex, port diameter 110mm, Port length 200mm

Driver: Audio pipe 2000watt 15” DVC aluminum bowl

Enclosure construction material: 25mm super wood

    • Wes
    • June 14th, 2010

    Looks like a frigging beast. 2000w Sub.
    What kind of amp is needed to drive this lot?

    • LOL! You can use any class D mono block amp bearing 2/3.6/4/8 ohms, power isn’t really an issue as long as the amp outputs a good medium to high RMS level.

  1. Hello!

    What are these enclosure designs?
    I think it is better if your 3D presentation has captions or call-outs to put more detail on it to make your design more understandable.
    thank you for sharing! =D

    • Hi thanks for your comment, yes they are subwoofer enclosure designs, two of my favourite activities, Art and Audio design so I tried to merge them together, and its fun to play around with. Please feel free to suggest some 3D design programs, focused more on the technical aspects of design, and I’ll be sure to try them out. PS that last image has a few dimensions on it, also the technical data is listed below.


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